- Church History The first inception of this Church was first place in the heart of Elder Jimmy L. Hall, Sr. /Sis. Effie L. Hall by God to build a house of worship here. In June 1984 we begin our Worship service in this storefront a rented braiding from Rev. Joe Dixon, and Mrs. S. Dixon. The first service was held on Wednesday night in June before the third Sunday along with us was Bro. R. Spikes as Musician and Rev. J. Dixon and others. It was call the Mission at first, but later this same year by the majority of members it was name Hall's Tabernacle Church Of God In Christ. February 16, 1985, our dedication services were held. Presided over by District Supt. E.T. McGriff presentation of Church keys by Elder G. Bobby Hall of Brunswick, Ga. Among our guest at the dedication were, Mr. James O. Gamble owner of the Vidalia Funeral Home, Vidalia, Ga. Flowers were loaned by Mr. Tom Smalley, owner of the Smalley Funeral Home, Vidalia, Ga. Members were from these families, Hall, Stokes, Brown, Bellamy, Williams, Henry, Dixon, and Harris family. We need your prayers and support. In October 1986 we purchased this building from Rev. Joe Dixon and Mrs. S. Dixon. The remodeling begin later this year into its present condition. We thank Almighty God for His many blessing. We solicit your continue prayers for our past, present, and future in Christ Jesus. First Deacons ordain in Hall's Tabernacle was Bro. Scotty R. Hall Bro. Oscar Harris by Pastor J.L. Hall, Sr. and Supt. R.L Lambert, May 20, 1990, 3:00 P.M. Service. Sermon by Pastor J.L. Hall, Sr. Subjective: "The Big D". Missionary Eloise Bellamy joined us in 1991, Sis. Betty Calloway joined us in 1992, Bro. and Sin. Bacon family joined us in 1991, Bro. A.W. Bellamy was reclaimed in 1992, Sis. Nicole Bellamy join as in 1992, Bro. Edon Bacon was ordained a deacon in Hall's Tabernacle on Men and Women's Day 1992, of May 17, 3:00 P.M. Speaker, Elder Jerry Hall. Sis. L Clark join us 1991, Sin. Alice joined us in 1993, also Charlie Hall, John W. Hall, Nehemiah Hall, Sis. Rachel Jackson, Bro. George and Sis. Phyllis Hall. Telephone was added in 1992. Pews were added in 1994. Floods were covered in 1997. Sis. Hope K. Simpson was made Deaconess in March 1998 in Hall's Tabernacle. Sis. Sierra Thorpe joined on March 1, 1998. Air conditions were added in 1998. Sis. LaShonda was reclaimed in 1998. Thank you for all your prayers and participation, contributions, we solicit your prayers. From pastor, Supt. Hall, and members, and the rest is History. Pastor Hall, and Hall's Tabernacle Family are celebrating 25 year together, to God be the Glory!