Church Information
Hall Tabernacle Church Inc.

Together We Get Closer to God!

The Hall Tabernacle Church Inc. organizes a wide range of church activities on each Sunday of the month. Activities range from communions to Sunday community fellowship service.

Board Members

  • Scotty R. Hall -President

  • Timothy F. Hall Sr -Director

  • Wayne A. Hall- Secretary

  • Jimmy L. Hall Jr.- Treasurer

  • Hope Kimberly Hall- Board Member

Pastoral Day

Every first Sunday is Pastoral day Sunday, beginning from 10:00 AM Sunday School, Worship 11:45 AM. We come together to give financial blessings to the Pastor.

Youth Day

The Second Sunday is Youth Day Sunday, from 10:00 AM Sunday School only. We meet for Sunday School only on the 2nd Sunday, where we teach from a quarterly manual provided by Church of God In Christ Publishing House.

Communion Sunday

The third Sunday is Communion Sunday, 10:00 AM Sunday School, Worship 11:45 AM. On Communion Sunday, we ask all our women to come dressed in white and our men to dress in dark suits.

Women Day Sunday

Fourth Sunday, Women's Day Sunday, 10:00 AM Sunday School, Worship 11:45 AM. Men are still invited to attend, but women lead this Sunday. They teach the lesson and organize the program for the day.


Fellowship Service

Fifth Sunday Community Fellowship Service 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM. We call this a rolling service. We will visit another church and their congregation for this Sunday with another Pastor.

Everyone is invited to come and share in Christ together and meet fellow worshippers. We will be posting on Facebook shortly before this Sunday on where we will be meeting.