About Us
Pastor Jimmy Hall

The Inception

Hall Tabernacle Church Inc. was organized in 1984 by Pastor Jimmy Hall and his late wife Effie Lee Hall to acquaint people with Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for everyone.

Our Visitors

People of all ages and backgrounds visit the Hall Tabernacle Church Inc. Love for Jesus and his Word brings us together. We want to put him at the center of all that we do. We’re committed to teaching the Gospel, the good news about Jesus! How Jesus came into the world, and through his death, brought us forgiveness and restoration to the relationship with God. We believe that this news is incredible. Our only aim is to spread His purpose to save the world.

Hall Tabernacle Church Inc.
Hall Tabernacle Church Inc.
Hall Tabernacle Church Inc.

The Good News

The Gospel fundamentally shapes our church, and we seek to become more like Jesus in all areas of life. Because the Gospel is the best news that anyone could hear, we want to share it with all. We want to be Holy as Christ is Holy.